20 Best Sad Movies On Netflix To Watch Today

Films are generally and mainly for entertainment. Since there are things that cannot be expressed through words, directors prefer to choose a medium. Cinema is one such medium that speaks the thoughts of the director. Sad films are always a very effective medium to express emotion. Films are being loved by all which is why Netflix has got popularity in recent times. Watching movies & tv series from the comfy of your home is no less than a treat. With the largest database as compared to other video platforms, Netflix is a treat to have. It’s priced aggressively, it has a good database, it has a global reach.

These reasons are enough to allure the streamers looking for smoking content online. Netflix has many genres of movies which is why it’s easy to miss out on many classic flicks. Here, we have tried to list more than 15 sad movies on Netflix that you should watch. While this is all about sad romantic movies on Netflix, more genres will be covered in the upcoming future. I hope this list of sad movies helps you out to select the movie for the purpose. Also, we have tried to mention the IMDB rating of every movie listed here.

List of Saddest Movies On Netflix To Make Your Cry

1. Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is one of the best films directed by the world-renowned director Steven Spielberg. He wanted to portray the harassment the Jews had to bear under the force of Germany. It has also shown how harsh the German soldiers could be. They went ahead to kill anyone and everyone without even bothering about their doings. This happens to be one of the saddest movies that were ever made.

The ruthless officers evacuated the Jews out of their houses. They threw their luggage and if anyone was found hidden, they were shot to death. The film was released in the year 1993. Spielberg went ahead to make an epic with black and white texture. It was thoroughly a spine-chilling capture by the film-maker when one gets to see the blood seeping out through the white bed of ice.

2. To Kill A Mockingbird

This piece of art was directed by Robert Mulligan in the year 1962. It is quite a sad movie, which revolves around two adult kids and one black-skinned boy. They had developed some kind of bonding, the bonding of friendship. They used to spy on a queer neighbor who did not speak with others. It is a typical story when a Negro was falsely charged in a rape case. Here in the film, it is seen that a white defending the Negro.

The film actually displays the pathetic story of unfair judgment, just because of the color of the skin. The replica of the society is portrayed in the film and leaves everyone heavyhearted. It is a pity that the children learn about the unfair ways of life. This makes the film one of the saddest movies since the children come to know the racial difference. They were exposed to the vilest and foulest face of racial discrimination. With 8.3 ratings this sad movie is listed second on our list.

3. Good Will Hunting

Another good sad movie on Netflix is Good Will Hunting. This is the story of Will Damon, who is known for his exceptional, enthralling and mesmerizing intelligence. At the same time, he had the ability to solve any mathematical problem with ease. The problem started when one of the professors tries to initiate and foster his talent. He also tries to keep a check on his temper. Here the professor takes help from someone who knows that life is actually intangible.

The boy also realizes the same thing and both of them start searching for the true self in the path of salvation. The reality and the emotion which is closely knitted and you cannot come out of it. The result is dismal and gloomy when someone realizes that everything in the world is intangible and however we try, we cannot achieve the whole.

4. Titanic

Certainly the most terrific of any love story. The biggest ship, well decked and all set to sail. The ship did set off, not knowing that it would the first and the last voyage. Along with it developed the love story of two youngsters coming from two different social backgrounds. The innocent love did not bloom. Titanic, which happens to be the biggest ship, hit the iceberg and broke into two parts.

When everything was going haywire, the two youngsters trying to save each other. Finally, Jack dies and he was successful in saving Rose. The film created history and went on to be an epic. However, the story did not let the hero and heroine unite at the end of the story.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The film starred Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Both of them gave a magnanimous performance while playing the role of a couple. Fight, conflict, dissension, are all parts of a relationship. When the fight goes beyond control they think of separation and vows to forget each other. However, it is pathetic at the same time since the more they try to get separated, the more they cling on to each other.

A situation of mixed feeling arises. They were sad because of being apart, but at the same time, they were linked to each other, since they were understanding their mistakes.

6. Atonement

Atonement is the kind of love story that is set in the time of the Second World War. It is adapted from the famous novel by Ian McEwan. The film goes on to depict the section that does not have parity. A time frame is set which shows that love is relentless. A story of immature love.

As a juvenile, a whole lot of misunderstanding took place between the core characters. To freeze it in one line, the film projects the immature love which is set on the backdrop of the Second World War. This sad romantic movie is available on Netflix.

7. The Road

The film depicts the story of a father and a son. An indisposed, unwell and debilitated father walks in the back of his son as they both wander around an apocalyptic world. Yet both of them just go on and on with just one hope that one fine day everything is going to be ok.

It is almost like the theory of hoping against hope. It is a hope to bring back humanity, a hope to bring back that same old happiness. A situation of sanguineous. “Hope” happens to work as the hope for living.

8. On Golden Pond

Retiree Norman Thayer and his wife were spending the summer, while their daughter visits them with her new fiance, who has a son also. Norman was cantankerous by nature. It is an emotional story where the daughter realizes that she must patch up the rough and craggy relationship with her father.

She has a high hope to make everything ok till everything is too late. The plot depicts several ups and downs in the life of a family. New relationship blooms. The plot and the way the storyline is taken will surely leave you moist-eyed. A perfect sad movie on Netflix to get those numb eyes.

9. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The film depicts the pain and trauma, a couple had to go through. They did move apart, however, the trauma was pathetic and this was wonderfully depicted in the movie. The film tried to bring out the chaos and confusion along with the traumatic state. The baffling situation would really leave you thinking “why do things go wrong”.

10. The Break-Up

This is yet another story which almost every couple of face. They meet and immediately after that, they either marry or starts living together. It is then they find how compatible they are. Here the couples again realize that they are not at all perfect for each other. Initially, they move out.

However, they come back once again, not to reunite, but to actually not to leave the space, since both of them have worked for it. True love has always been immaterial, yet it is pathetic that people cannot do without the luxuries they have earned.

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