Google Chromecast Device – How & Why To Use

Streaming your favorite videos is the most modern thing to get access to. Google comes up with its Google Chromecast application which allows you to stream your favorite videos on your personal television screens. It has proved to be one of the best devices which when connected to your television allows you to access a number of varied streaming services whether is YouTube, Netflix or Hulu. The only setback of Chromecast is that is not that effective like Roku or the Apple TV. I have tried to put all the information regarding the chrome cast in this article. So, let’s get started!

What exactly is Google Chromecast?

Chromecast Device

Chromecast is a simple device which allows you to plug into your television’s HDMI port with the help of a USB cable to stream your favorite videos on the big screen. Now, this device makes your smartphone or your PC a remote controller, where you use Chromecast to access all the video services provided by Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and Google Play. This device also allows you to have access and stream to any sort of content from the Chrome browser on a PC or laptop.

The Chromecast comes in two variants- one is Chromecast and the other is Chromecast Ultra. The first one costs only dollar thirty-five and can stream videos up to 1080p, whereas the ultra version of Chromecast is priced at dollar seventy which can stream videos up to 4K resolutions with the help of HDR color technology. If we see overall both the device’s functions similarly.

Set Up Chromecast

To set up Chromecast you would be requiring a Chromecast dongle, a television which has an extra HDMI port, a good WIFI router with a proper internet connection and obviously a Smartphone or a PC or a laptop. When you purchase a Chromecast stick you get a USB cable for both power and adapter. The power cable is used to plug into your USB port. by chance, if you are not having an extra port then you need to use a wall adapter to plug into Chromecast. You can use your Android or iOS devices like remote controllers or computers running operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X. As soon as you do that your smartphone or your tablet would give you instructions which you need to follow to complete the entire process.

The job of a Chromecast is similar to a cable box or an antenna which is connected to your television to access the various video streaming services. All the video services provided by YouTube, Netflix, Hulu can all be accessed and streamed at Chromecast.

How Much Does Chromecast Cost?

The Google Chromecast stream videos up to 1080p are priced at $35 and a Chromecast Ultra is priced at $70 which streams video at 4K resolution. None of the devices you would get for sale if you are waiting to purchase them at a discounted price. If your survey the market these devices are priced at the cheaper end among other streaming devices.

Who Need Chromecast

You must have subscribed to video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu which you can only view on your smartphone devices or PCs which have small screens. Suppose you want to watch the same on your big television screen relaxing on your couch then you require Chromecast device to facilitate this kind of comfort.

Who doesn’t need Chromecast?

If you are a fan of traditional viewing of television with cable connection and viewing your serials according to their time then Chromecast would have nothing much to offer you! Again, if you ain’t interested in subscribing to streaming video services then also Chromecast becomes a useless device for you. Finally, if you are already having a smart TV or something like that such as Amazon Fire TV, etc then also Chromecast has nothing new to offer to you!

Competition Faced By Chromecast

Chromecast has been facing a lot of competition in the video streaming market as a maximum of its video is streamed at on 1080p. This is quite a setback as Roku delivers both four thousand and HDR videos at similar prices with an extra Premiere feature. If you want similar service like Roku or others in the market one needs to purchase the Chromecast Ultra which is highly priced at $70. One good thing is that Chromecast is sufficient enough for playing video games but it needs to improve its resolutions of streaming videos if it has to stay in the competition with others in the market.


The latest version of Chromecast has a much-improved design including better hardware capabilities than its previous versions. As the price remains unchanged so it’s still a good buy. But, again there is not much extra upgradation which can actually curtail the competition in the digital market. So the normal Chromecast should develop more like its ultra version to provide the best services to its customers. Hope I have given an overview of chrome cast and the service it offers. If you still have any doubt, feel free to ask us!

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