How Many Screens Working on Hulu Simultaneously?

Do Hulu Allows multiple screens at the same time? Many times, people wonder whether multiple streamings are possible on Hulu. The streaming services are often looked for by the cord cutters and Netflix is the most common as it offers multiple streams. Most of the people do not like to spend lump sum amounts only for their entertainment. Rather, people seek to get more by spending less.

Some of the ones are lucky enough to have the  VOD services that are subscription based to provide features that allow two and more users to simultaneously stream through the same platform. The essence and the ability to stream across a number of devices simultaneously helps people to save a lot of money. There are many Hulu subscribers who wonder whether they can watch the content on multiple using a single account simultaneously.

How Many Screens Are Offered By Hulu?

In the month of December last year, Hulu officially declared that the users will be able to create 6 profiles for watching content according to their own tastes and preferences.

As on paper, If a subscriber of Hulu is currently watching the show of Family Guy, his sibling will not be able to enjoy an episode of any other shows at the same time. The official plan of Hulu does not please two persons who are sharing a single account.

Hulu Plan
No. of Screens
Hulu $5.99 with Ads
1 Screen
Hulu $11.99 No Ads
1 Screen
Hulu Live TV $43.99
1 Screen
Hulu + Live TV $44.99 (With Ads)
2 Screens
Hulu + Live TV $50.99 (No Ads)
2 Screens

The users of Hulu live should not get disheartened as there is a little twist in the plot as experiments show that it is possible to simultaneously stream Hulu with live TV on 2 devices without any sort of interruption.

hulu multiple channels

But sometimes, while an attempt is made to watch Hulu on two or three devices from a single account, a pop-up message shows as a warning that too many streams are in operation. Even though officially Hulu allows single streaming at a time, but Hulu enables multiple screening, else the users doing so would have received errors.

This being the truth, one can also try and go ahead and stream on multiple devices.  There are also many users who claim to have successfully done the same. Ones, getting such opportunities can be really lucky, but if the same does not happen, Hulu will not be able to provide much help to the users officially.

But some of the users have also shared their experience of streaming the shows together at the same time.  Accessing the same account is never an issue for getting kicked off. At times, it has been seen to work maximum on only 2 devices.

How Much For Unlimited Hulu Screen

Now, as you are sure that a regular Hulu TV plan works with two screens at a time, there is a plan for unlimited screens too. With our recent interaction with Hulu support team, Unlimited screen add-on comes for $14.99/month.

Total cost of plan comes out $43.99(Hulu Live TV) + $9.99(unlimited screens) = $53.98

Multiple Screens Comes With Live TV Plan

Yes, we all know that Hulu has finally unleashed their monster of Live TV in the market and its look appealing. With $43.99, one can enjoy many of the popular Channels Live. The Hulu Live TV also comes with many add-ons like unlimited screens, Enhanced DVR and Showtime.

Yes, if you are looking for unlimited screens with Hulu then simply opt for their Hulu Live Plan with (Hulu Plus). You can check complete plans & pricing here.

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