How Much Hulu & Hulu Live TV Cost? Find Details

Hulu came up with two sets of plans: Hulu and Hulu Live TV.  Both the plans are affordable and provide you with huge libraries of contents.  Hulu monthly subscription was officially launched in November 2010. This subscription offers a variety of TV series, movies, originals, and even kids’ movies. The appearance of commercial in between the movies or series depends upon the Hulu plans. With Hulu subscription, you will get access to watch contents through all the Hulu supporting devices.

The Hulu has immense varieties of streaming libraries full of Movies, TV series, Kids series, Originals and more than 200 Top TV channels where you can watch all the entertainment shows & movies. With the subscription plans, one can get better offers and facilities, such as free trials, access to support Hulu on set-top boxes, smart TVs, Android devices, Apple, Xbox and more. With so many different plans, let’s check how much does Hulu cost with the given features.

Hulu Cost & Plan Breakdown With features

hulu price & plan

Hulu Price

1. Hulu $5.99 Plan

With this subscription plan, Hulu will provide you to stream on your favourite devices. You can watch a series on Apple, iPhone, Xbox One, Apple TV and Chromecast.

What will you get: With this $ 5.99 Offer, you will get unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library, but with limited commercials.  One can enjoy his/her favorite movies, full seasons of exclusive series, Hulu Originals, kids’ shows and much more.

The user can get access to more than 200 channels, though it has limited contents. You can watch only one screen at a time. You can switch your plans or cancel your plans anytime.

2. Hulu $11.99 Plan

Hulu Plus $11.99 plan the user can access expanded content library with no commercials. It is absolutely free of commercials. You can get access to more than 200 channels. But you can watch only one screen at a time. If you want, you can switch your plans or cancel your plans anytime. At only $ 11.99 one can get almost unlimited varieties of Movies and TV series to choose.

The Hulu & Hulu Live TV Plans & Price

But why stick to only TV series and movies where you can easily access to Live TV channels? You can watch live matches from the best of sports channels, live news from best News channels and also live entertainment. You just need to subscribe to the Hulu Live TV plans.

Hulu Live TV not only provides you with an extensive range of TV series and originals, but it comes with Live TV channels and On Demand TV. So wherever you stay, Hulu won’t let you miss you the live matches or TV news.

The Hulu Live TV comes with two sets of plans:

hulu live price

Hulu Live TV Price

1. Hulu Live $43.99 Plan

With this plan, the user can get access to stream more than top 50 Live TV channels and On Demand TV Channels. One can watch live sports, News and can also enjoy entertainment from Live TV channels. This plan also comes with upgrade options like – Unlimited screens and Enhanced Cloud DVRs.

Not only this but also the user can get access to watch Hulu Live TV on Hulu-supported devices; such as iOS, Android, Apple TV (4th gen), Xbox One and Chromecast. You can get all these offers at just $ 38.99 monthly subscription plan.

2. Hulu With Live TV $44.99 Plan

 This plan is the best plan Hulu is providing to all the online television lovers and users. With this simple plan, you will access a seven-day free trial. Watch everything for free. Also, you will get unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library. Large varieties of contents such as Hulu originals, hit movies, popular TV series, kids’ series, current episodes and much more. With Hulu Live TV’s this plan, you can get to stream more than 50 top Hulu Live Channels and On Demand TV channels.

A Hulu-supported device such as iOS, Android, Apple TV (4th gen), Xbox One and Chromecast will be accessible to watch all the contents. Upgrade options are available like SHOWTIME, unlimited screens, and Enhanced Cloud DVR.  With the monthly subscription of only $ 43.99, one can get so many services.  One needs to pay only $1 extra to get One-week free trial.

Which One Should You Choose

The Hulu plans cost start from $7.99 only. Free access to unlimited TV series! However, for the best of services and unlimited access to TV series and live TV, switch on to the best of Hulu services: The Hulu Live TV plans. Channels like ESPN, BTN, GOLF etc. for sports; CNN, CNBC, FOX News, FOX Business and loads more for the latest news; kids’ channels like Disney HD, Cartoon Network and much more are available with Hulu Live TV plans.

At only $39.99 per month subscription package, you can buy the entire plan and carry your portable TV anywhere and watch movies, series, Live TVs anytime. So subscribe to the best plans, grab your popcorn and enjoy your favourite contents with Hulu!


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