Roku: A Detailed Review About Roku Device

I thought of curating this content for all of you folks out there who want to enjoy television without cable. I know it might be tiresome for you to delve deeper into the lengthy technical contents to find out everything about Roku, so I thought of writing the crux points which you need to know about Roku. Similar to Firestick, Roku is a popular streaming device that can magically turn your TV to the machine of content including movies, TV shows, music, news and much more. Let’s decode the every if and but about Roku streaming device.

What is Roku? Know About It.

roku review

To be precise, by using Roku and an internet connection you can watch paid and free content on television.  Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV are the popular streaming services which are stacked on Roku. You can stream the pre-recorded contents of these platform through Roku. Yes, most of them are pre-recorded like Hulu. But Sling TV offers live streaming to the viewers. If you use a TV antenna along with a Roku device, it will be more appropriate and it would give you an exact TV-like experience.

Roku is a 6-inch square device which is also known as ‘Roku box’ and it is by far the smartest way to stream content on TV.  The apps which are loaded on Roku are also known as the ‘channels’. If any of you want to buy a new television then you can opt for a ‘Roku TV’ which is even more appropriate and useful as the features of Roku are inbuilt in the TV.

Roku was launched in 2008 and Netflix was the only streaming service which was available on it.  But now it has Hulu, HBO, Amazon, Sling TV, Netflix and many more on it.

How Much Roku Cost?

This might be the most important questions for all of you who want to opt for Roku.  Well, it doesn’t cost you anything per month. Free contents can be watched from the free and popular channels like PBS, YouTube, Pandora, Hasbro, VEVO, Crackle TV, Popcornflix, Crunchyroll and many more. If you want to watch premium shows from HBO, Netflix, Sling TV, then you need to subscribe to these platforms.

What Contents You Can Watch on Roku?

So basically buying a Roku device gives you access to quality contents. If you don’t want to spend on subscriptions then you can just watch contents from the above mentioned free channels.  For instance, Crackle TV is free and you can watch thousands of hit movies and popular TV shows such as Seinfeld, Chosen, The Shield, etc.

However, Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu will give you a wider exposure to the premium channels and contents. Popular networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS can be accessed on Roku if you have a Hulu subscription. Whereas a subscription to Sling TV will give you access to popular channels such as ESPN, AMC, HGTV, TBS, etc.

Does Roku Require Internet?

Well, Roku is a device which works as a replacement to your cable service. But yes, it does require internet. You can watch your favorite channels anytime you want. But to stream them you need to have a working internet connection.  Always use a good internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted services.

How To Add Channels on Roku?

Add content on Roku

Please don’t get intimidated. It is not a tiresome task to add channels on Roku. Let me give you a clean guide:

From your Home screen go to menu, then scroll down and go to ‘streaming channels’ and then click on ‘ok’. This will take you to the ‘channel store’, you can install the channels from this store. (most of them are free by the way). You can use the ‘search channels’ option to find channels. Once you spot your channel, select it and press ‘OK’. Yes, it is really that easy!

How Roku Works?

Plug in the Roku device into your television with the help of an HDMI cable. Now make sure to connect the Roku device with an internet. The ‘channels’ or the ‘Apps’ need to be loaded on the device from the channel store. You can watch all your favorite TV shows, web series, movies, and many other things. You can have a complete cable TV experience with Roku. However, most of the shows which you will watch on the channels of Roku will be pre-recorded. But there are some channels or subscription like Sling TV will give you access to live content as well.

Roku Premiere And Premiere+

These Roku devices were launched during September 2018. They assure you 4K and HDR video at a reliable price. Roku premiere costs you £24.99 and the premiere+ costs you £59.99. With the premiere+ you get an advanced remote with volume controls and voice search options. The devices are pretty lightweight and worthy enough!

Roku vs Firestick

Both Roku and Firestick are devices that allow you to stream shows, movies on your television without any cable connection.  Firestick and Roku both have their sister devices as well.  Both devices are small and compact in size, Roku devices are smaller and narrower than the firestick devices.

Both of them have almost the same specifications and interface. The Roku streaming devices are ranged at £24.99-£59.99. The Firestick models are also priced at $39.99-$49.99. However, a basic Roku device is priced at $25. Firestick does provide more storage and a faster processor.

You can buy any of the cord-cutting services according to your own convenience! That’s all folks! I have covered all you need to know about Roku. If you still have any doubt shoot your questions in the comment section below.

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